Sunday, March 29, 2015


So, I am working on the Structures and Properties of Matter storyline.  Lots of possibilities here but I think I will settle on the classics.  Nothing engages kids more than the old baking soda and vinegar rocket.  It really captures all of the performance expectations nicely.  However, the problem I have with them is the whole "turn over the rocket and run" solution to safety.

So how do we make the launch more predictable and safe for everyone?  That became my obsession this weekend.  After many iterations, I have a usable solution.  It requires some refinement but the core idea is pretty solid.  To finish it off, I want to add a pressure gauge and a catch to hold the rocket on until mission command is ready to launch.  It took six modifications and a 3D printer, but I think that will work as well.  Here is the "Mk 1" launcher.   

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