Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Decision on Device

Earlier this week our system made a decision about the device it would use for our 1-to-1 initiative.  Drum roll please. We are going with the HP Elitebook 810 D shown below.  The swivel screen allows for a dual roll as both laptop and tablet.  It does come with a pen for more precise writing on the screen, but does not come with a place to store the pen.  Two of the elementary schools I work with recently purchased 3D printers.  I challenged them to design a pen holder that can attach to the computer.  I give them a month to come up with a design.

Besides that little problem, I am optimistic about this little machine.  The Gorilla glass screen and aluminum case with a "spill proof" keyboard reduce my fear of deceleration trauma befalling the computer.   

Now, while you think this was the hard part, I would say deciding on a device is actually the easy part.  The hard part starts in June when we really need to consider how we can leverage this device to change how we do business.  See my previous post on the Innovation Block.  

My next post will focus on the structure of the curriculum we will use to create a personalized learning experience for students.  I have a few variables to workout before it is ready for prime time, but it is close. 

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