Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An NGSS Symbaloo for Curriculum Development

I have been compiling resources so my team is ready for this summer.  Symbaloo seemed a perfect tool to display the resources for my writers.  The basic anatomy of the webmix is as follows:
  • Turquoise is primarily federal and state resources.  PBS falls into this category.
  • Yellow is more open ended.  Some are private entities that supply content like Nat Geo.
  • Blue is strictly video based.  While most are linked to YouTube, I wanted to point my team in the right direction for efficiency purposes.
  • Orange are focused on PBL ideas.  I've been hitting the Buck Institute site very hard.  Fantastic stuff!  I love the Tubric for developing driving questions.  
As always, if you see something I missed, please pass it on.

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